Sarah Udvig and a young supporter.

Why I Am Running for The Minnesota House

A letter to my friends and neighbors:

I am so happy to announce my candidacy for State Representative in House District 31A.

Our local politicians have made many promises to help fix the problems that affect our beautiful communities, but in reality, little has actually been done. Political games played by career politicians have prevailed over the will and needs of the people. I want to change that.  We need a serious plan to improve transportation and infrastructure in our area.  Failure to establish a reliable source of funding puts our local residents at a disadvantage. That is unacceptable to me.

I believe in putting hard working families first.  Citizens in our district certainly pay their fair share of taxes to the state, but we get very little in return in terms of fairness in local property tax relief, broadband infrastructure and adequate support for our schools. It is time for a change in our Representation.  Our community needs someone who will work for our families and small businesses.

I will work for all the residents of our community and am looking forward to hearing from you! I have lived in St. Francis for the last few years and in East Bethel prior to that. I have spent my lifetime in greater Minnesota, and I appreciate all that small town life has to offer to myself, my family and my friends.  This is a good place to live, let’s make it better!